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How long will my Pampas grass last?

Dried flowers last 1-2 years and preserved flowers last 3-5 years.

You can preserve your flowers by coating them at home with extra hold hair spray!


  1. Remove the Pampas grass from it's packaging. Shake off your Pampas (preferably outside, over a sink, or in a bathtub).
  2. Cut stems to desired length and place in your vase
  3. Blow dry the pampas on a low setting in a downward motion to fluff your pampas for 1 minutes
  4. Place your Pampas  by a window for 24 hours. The sun will help pampas achieve fullness.
  5. Move your pampas it your desired location and enjoy your new home décor!


Do you provide discounts on large orders?

Yes we do! On orders over $500 we provide a 10% discount. Please email us for further information.