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Pampas Grass & Dried Florals

 How do I fluff my Pampas grass?

Remove the Pampas grass from it's packaging. Shake off your Pampas (preferably outside, over a sink, or in a bathtub).

 Cut stems to desired length and place in your vase & blow dry the pampas on a low setting in a downward motion for 1-2 minutes.

Place your Pampas by a window for 24 hours. The sun will help pampas achieve fullness. 

To preserve your Pampas, you can coat with a spary of extra hold hairspray. This will also reduce the shedding of your pampas by 90%.

Move your Pampas to your desired location and enjoy your new home décor!

Does Pampas grass smell?
No, our Pampas grass does not smell. Pampas grass should never smell. If you have had pampas grass that smells it is most likely due to harsh chemicals or that your stems have become moldy. 
Do I need to water my pampas grass?

Nope! Your pampas grass reacts to natural sunlight so placing your pampas in a well lit room will help your pampas fill out! But you do not need to water your pampas grass, please refrain from doing so. This could cause your stems to grow mold.

How long will my Pampas Grass or Dried Florals last?

Dried flowers last 1-2 years and preserved flowers last 3-5 years. You can preserve your flowers by coating them at home with extra hold hair spray!

Payment & Delivery

Why dont you offer free shipping?
Our tallest pampas grass is between 42-48 inches in length. Unfortuantly, due to this length, shipping companies considers this "oversized packaging" which greatly incrases the cost of shipping. Shipping our oversized packages averages around $40+ on shipping per order in high seasons. Which is why we have implmented a standard shipping rate of $15.

What if I recieve my package damaged?
If there is obvoius damange to your order, please contact us immediately with photo evidence of your damaged product and we will refund you for your purhcase. 
How long until I recieve my order?
When we recieve your order, the processing time in shop is 1-3 business days to prepare your order. Once shipped, standard delivery is typically between 4-10 business days depending on your location. 
How to use discount codes?
If you have a discount code, please enter your code at checkout to apply your discount.
How to check order status?
Once your order has been prepared we will send you a tracking number via email from Canada Post. If you have not recieved this tacking number, please reach out and we will send it to you.